Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Whine with my Cheese and a Huge Dose of Stupidity


The week started out ok, I guess, except for the fact that I had to take a day off on Monday with some crud type stuff.

I catch my bus at Days Inn at 6 am and get back at 5:30 pm. Yeah, it's a long day but I suppose I'm getting used to it. Below my hill is a plant and a road that leads to it; probably about 1-2 miles in length and pretty straight. The speed limit is 25 mph which is really hard to stay at....really hard for me anyway. My kids tell me I drive like a grandma on the main roads but tend to go too fast on the side roads. So, I got a speeding ticket for the first time in many, many years. I had one years ago and swore never again. The policeman followed me a good distance which I gathered after the fact. I had already started up my hill and turned into my neighborhood before he put his lights on. I had no clue he was after me. A long drawn out speech ensued and then he came back and said he was only going to give me a ticket for not using my signal at the turn and a warning for the speeding. Scratching my head because it's not really a turn to go up the hill. I do use my signal when people are coming down because it's a "Y". Then he said the reason he was only going to warn me about speeding was because he had picked up several of my neighbors and warned them and not to talk about it. Weird, I thought. His parting words were I better not contest the turn signal ticket or I WOULD get a ticket, meaning my life is over in my township. I would be watched like a hawk. No points on my record but the $25 fine turned into $108 with fees due in 10 days. Stupid me! LOL...the neighbors did talk. We were all clocked at the same speed, so it was said, down to the .10 of a point. Truthfully, I know I was going over the speed limit but not the speed that was quoted but nonetheless I did deserve a ticket. Phooey! A lesson has been learned.

My dryer is still acting up so I decided to check for lint. The hose from the dryer to outside sounded like it had pebbles in it so I got Joey to take it off. Ugh....a chipmunk had crawled in and got fried. We had noticed an odd odor in the summer but it went away. Joey is as squeamish about dead critters as I am. My BF came over and took the back off of the dryer. He thought I might have a bunch of lint. I didn't but he did see the timer and can fix it. He's gonna get his handyman fron his apartment complex because he has the same dryer. Whoo hoo! One less problem right now.

So, can you all read my journal or blog (hate that word) now? I tried almost all 200 of the backgrounds and came up with this one. I refuse not to use a stretch template. Are all my words inside the lines? It looks like it to me but at work my properties are different. LOL...this thing was a hot mess on that PC.

And, the comments. Yep, I do like the new format but have decided to stay with the old one. I like the pictures and don't want to give them up. I know I could click on the name and bring the profiles up but I'm lazy. I have several who comment with the same name. I minimized my box for now but I may just go back to the two page style.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! The sun is shining although it's pretty chilly. I need to get out and take a walk. I haven't been walking because of the rain we've been having. I'll leave you with some autumn snags.....HUGS Chris





Jan said...

Ibet you are kicking your self over that ticket ,Iloved your blog so colour ful Istill have alot to lerarn I have been posting Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Very strange about all your neighbours getting the same speed up! Do you think that policemans' speed thingy was broke?! It's a pain to get a ticket, I bet you'll watch your speedometer now! Poor little chipmunk, I expect he crawled in there as it was warm! Didn't the same thing happen to LisaJo?! I signed in on my AIM profile so you can tell the difference between me and Jeannette! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, thanks for the tags. Jeannette xx

Hollie said...

Sorry about the ticket....sounds like the guy was a jerk. I hope you get your dryer fixed, & you had a crispy critter...LOL Thanks for the tags...

lisa jo said...

my car started running bad today. I mean, shit, can i NEVER get a break? I am so sick and tired of it all. You and i are living parallel lives! LOL
I hate it that you got that ticket. That cop sounds about crooked. Man, a dead animal in the vent? I think i have a dead raccoon in my walls. LOVE your tags and i love you TOO!!

Yasmin said...

Shame about the ticket, the officer seemed a bit over zealous, but waht can you do.

I like the blog background, and everything can be read clearly.

Have a good Sunday


Dawn said...

Sorry about the ticket...that sucks. I like this little box for comments the best... jmho. I snagged the colors of fall tag! I love them all! Have a great weekend... Oh and the new background looks great! Very easy to read.

be well...

Kath said...

Poor Chris I am so sorry you got a ticket.Grrr!! Happy to read BF can get your dryer fixed as for the critter afraid I would have run a mile LOL!! I love your blog I will say the text is much easier for me to read like this.I found it difficult before on some of the abckgrounds peopel put in it is difficult to read.Have a lovely Sunday yourself.Take care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Oh dear, that poor chipmunk, it couldn`t have been very nice getting it out again.

Love Sandra xxxx

Joan said...

That was not a nice thing for policeman to do. My drier is very old the kind with the tube out of the window had it since my son was a lad and he will be forty on his birthday. I have a new one in my washer but I hate it. Sorry about the critter what a awful thing to happern. Love Joan.

Janie said...

Awww gee Chris sorry about the fine. Oh My! That crazy chipmunk!! lol It is really hard for me to comment on the side comment. I like to comment while reading. lol I have the Tekka template because I like the big pictures. It is not a stretch template, just a 2 column template, changed the color of background, links, and almost everything. lol Hope you have a blessed Sunday. Hugs, Janie

Julia said...

I like this comment form also. Sorry about the ticket, that sucks, did his granddaughter move in your neighborhood and he's worried your will all mow her down? Yik about the chipmunk. I like the looks of your new template. I can read it just fine.

Indigo said...

As to your question does it get confusing keeping people with the same name straight...YES...I have 3 different Roses who comment and all of them use a Rose for their mini pics.

Sorry about the ticket hon. Glad the guy didn't give you a ticket, but gotta say things don't sound too kosher with him. Especially with everyone getting clocked at the same speed.

This one is definitely easier to read. The colors are soft and soothing. (Hugs)Indigo

ADB said...

What a pain about the speed ticket. Nuff said. Hope you've otherwise had a good weekend.

Joyce said...

I always think your journal is lovely...this look is very nice. Sorry about that should have never happened to you. Loved all your snags...and got them too!! LOL
Hope this week is a better week for all of us. Hugs and much love,

Robin said...

I've now read where several people have said they hate the word "blog" it doesn't bother fact I never even thought much about it until I read everyone else hated it.

Love the tags!

Chrissie said...

Sorry about the darn ticket. I've give up trying to have a pretty journal on here. Everytime I do something it all erases. LOL. So I stop pushing buttons and move on. Nobody is here for the pretty anyway they just want the dirt. Glad you're feeling better. Yuck on the dryer. I'm glad nothing had crawled into mine I would have died. I hope to get a dryer this week. HOPE.
Take care, Chrissie

ELLIE said...

sorry about the ticket - but be very cautious about that officer - something does not sound right!!!
your entry hangs over the blue border to the right and your sidebar hangs over into the blue...I have no idea if it is suppose to be that way!
I also like the comment box with the pics - associating names with faces works better for me...
BTW - I see you won something at MrsB's halloween give away - CONGRATS so glad you also won somethbing!!! how cool is that!
take care--Ellie

D said...

grrrr on the ticket... sounds like a set up tho. Ewwwwww glad you got that critter out of the dryer hose.. not uncommon from what I hear. Love the background... I can read it but the text is not all inside on my pc... but like I said I can read :)
love ya

Sharon said...

Sounds like a rookie trying to make impressions or quota! Grrrr. Your BF sure is a fart smella...fried squirrel!

Missie said...

You should change your blogger layout to minima then everything would fit on your background from cutest blog on the block!

It sucks about the ticket.

~Cherubhugs~ said...

Speeding ticket. Yuk! One time I got 2 in one week! I think they were just after me. I think the cops should have better things to do than that, just my opinion.

I love your blog background. Maybe someday I will read up and figure all this newness out! :)


Brittany said...

I can't believe a chipmunck crawled into your dryer hose..LMAO...Poor little guy. Is it cold there? Maybe he was trying to get warm?

Emmi said...

Love all the taggies. Beautiful as always.

Joyce said...

I have to brag here... I've only had one ticket in my life (and I'm almost 63) and that was a $2 parking ticket when I was 18. lol.
Of course, it's mostly because I never got caught - lol. No you are not inside the lines, but yes I could read it just fine. Have a good week. BTW, great tags.
Hugs, Joyce

Debbie said...

Dang Chris your luck sounds like ours. That cop doesn't sound on the up and up. I hate the word blog too! On my monitor your journal is perfectly aligned, looks great. Terri said graphics look alot better on my monitor than they do on hers, she has a widescreen monitor. Maybe that's why it doesn't look aligned on others computers. Hope you have a great week!

Robyn said...

That cop sounds interesting to say the least! Speeding tickets are no fun. I got 3 in the same week on the SAME road. You would have thought I would have learned by the second one lol! That was years ago ;) Your tags are all great! I would not have dug a dead anything out of my dryer hose! I am so glad your BF could help you.
Hugs, Robyn

Terri said...

Your journal looks great to me, perfectly aligned and all..

That sucks about the ticket...sounds like a big set up...well it is the end of the month I guess they need to meet their quota..UGH! Knock on wood i've never been pulled over...but like you i take it easy on the main roads and drive faster on the backroads..and I also hog the road on the backroads...haha

Thanks for the snags

Have a good week


a corgi said...

the pictures are nice too; I have to admit on the comment section; I often look at them and if someone looks interesting click on their blogs and have picked up several new blogs to follow that way LOL

sorry about the ticket; seems in the long run you came out okay with it although it seems awfully fishy about the whole thing with the police man's approach of it

chipmunk!! eww!!! I'm with you, very squeamish about those things; years ago when hubby was out of town for a prolonged business trip, we had a dead mouse in backyard; I had to have my son, age 6 at the time, clean it up, LOL

I can read your blog just fine; I don't think I had problems with it before


mrsb said...

Hi! Finally got over to check out your blog and it's amazing! I love all your snags :O)

ELLIE said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog to do a meme of 6 random things about you - go check it out

Pamela said...

Sorry about the ticket. I bet you were so upset!! Crooked cop! Your journal looks great! Easy to read, and I always love the colors!
Love ya!

Nelishia said...

That guy was being such a jerk and he can get in trouble. He is not above being disciplined himself. I'm sorry about the ticket though. I hope I don't get one. My foot weighs two thousand pounds sometimes. I clicked on all those fall tags. And only two could I save. It said RCR server was down. I don't know what it means other than I couldn't save it. I need sooo much help with my journal. I am barely there. I hate the word BLOG too. It's cool about BF fixing the dryer. We need a spare part for our dishwasher. I'm washing by hand these days. Loving that! (not)

Love you,

Sonya said...

I kept the old way of commenting too. I didn't want all my comments on the page and I like the pictures too. It's not that much trouble - just one more click- lol.
Your tags are pretty and I like the music.
The chipmunk - poor thing. ick.
Have a great evening.

Sonya said...

oh and I meant to say that I am sorry about your ticket. I got one not too awfully long ago and it made me mad, sad, angry, etc. It hurts our pride and feelings. lol


Shelly said...

I hate when cops hide and jump out at ya. jerks. Or follow you like yours did. blahhhh. Sorry to hear that!! Great tags!! Love ya!!

Brenda said...

CHRIS!!!! I found you buddy. Love what what you did to the place. I'll be back again

Lub Ya Brenda

Carolina said...

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Halloween-hugs!

Winivere said...

Trick or Treat!!