Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Day in the New Life


Some week it has been. LOL...mostly a week of panic, shock, pulling my hair out but some great joy also as I walked through this new land and started seeing so many familiar faces. I'm finally learning. Haha..those gadgets are neat. I added how many days I've lived on this earth. More than a lot. Plus either a Monet or Van Gogh painting of the day.

Blogspot will never ever be the same with the refugees from AOL. A couple of my kids have blogs here. JLand was not the typical blog world, or so say my children. Comments...hunh...what are those they say? And the graphics and tags, well they think that is tacky. I'm guessing many serious bloggers would think so also. Oh well, tough bananas.

I changed my template around but still am limited with the tag and graphic size so I'm supposing I'll have to teach myself to make smaller tags.

Thanks to all of you and the generous giving spirits. That's what made our previous world so special. Everybody was there to support and lend a helping hand. Lord knows, many of us will need it for the time being to get ourselves situated.

I'm trying to work my way around reading. If I'm missing you, please let me know.

Have a great weekend!!!!!! Hugs n Love to all....CHRIS


Sugar said...

i love the tag, so right for the present time. {{}}
you are so right, j-land is here now. hehehe
poor blogspot,LOL.
my site has been called tacky before, so what, it's mine. i put what i want on it.
i have to make all my tags around 400 wide & i'm ok.
had to enter this comment 3times, i couldn't read that darn word verification. i hate tat thing, sometimes have to give up & not comment. grrr
i removed it from my blog. :)

Sugar said...

ok, yeah!
it's gone. {{}}
no more word verification for you. lol

Julia said...

The first thing to go on mine was the word verification. I hated that thing. Like a test it was. I don't like that the graphics all want to go to the top. You can't insert them where you want as you do your post. At least I haven't been able to figure it out, LOL.

Jan said...

I love the look of your blog ,How did you manage a side bar ,Idont have word verification I got rid of it ,but dont ask me how lol ,Im sure we will soon get the hang of things ,fingers crossed hee hee Jan xx

lisa jo said...

well, not everyone was so nice...there are a few that hate for no real reason. At least in my world.
i just cannot figure it all out and i do not like how my blog looks and i am sick and tired of worrying about it.
Yours looks cute,like you! XO

Emmi said...

I love all of our tags ... who cares if it's not what some people call a real blog. We have style! he he he

Terri said...

Good mornin Chris =)

I think Jland is taking over blogger..hehe We will forever be Jland... and who wouldn't like or want pretty's fun decorating our

I will be moving over here soon!

Have a good weekend

Yasmin said...

I've been on Blogger for a while and yes they are very serious with virtually no community it's all about making money! I like what you've done to your page, and Blogger is pretty cool when it comes to adding stuff, plus a lot of the sites will do it for you.
Have a good weekend


Debbie said...

Hi Chris, I hate that word verification thingy too and if it's on my new place I don't know where in the hell to find it or know how to get rid of it. I'm a computer dummy. I like graphics but I don't know how to add all that pretty stuff so I'm plain Jane, haha.

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

blog spot has done nothing but give me hell since i been here i created a new journal in hopes that this one lets me have followers please come and try again.

Millie said...

We're gonna take over!! hehe

I too, removed the varification thingy, although I think it's a good idea - I can understand how frustrating it can be when making comments.

Your tags are gorgeous as ever.

Hope you're having a good weekend.


Jeannette said...

Well, I do not know how you added all those things to your sidebar because my option are very limited under layout and none of the things you have are mentioned. Guess I am doing something wrong, too tired to mess with it right now.

Indigo said...

I found it quite impressive our little community managed to claim a corner here for themselves. It's so refreshing seeing those familiar faces and words of comfort from readers and friends alike! (Hugs)Indigo

David said...

Hey old friend! It's good to see you again. I guess the move from AOL has it's good points. It's not hard ware so I'm having fun trying to figure out how it all works. What would life be without challenges. My best regards to you, your son and the girls.

D said...

we're getting there.. it will take some time but we will have the best blogs around :) Tacky? Oh we've seen tacky over yonder.. now didn't we? LMAO
love ya

Robyn said...

We are all in this together and going threw the exact same issues! We will all learn. I feel like I actually got somewhere today lol. Your blog is looking great! Uploading tags, especially animated are a pain and I have alot to learn about them. Sug is right around 400 or smaller seems to be the key. Have a great evening!

Janie said...

I think your journal looks great. I have changed mine about 6 times!! lol Easy to go back to what it was. I could not put photos on my journal because I was posting down the middle. It cut off my pictures! I went to the templete with journal with 2 sides instead of 3. I haven't learned how to put the gadgets on the right side yet. Have spent way too much time on blogger because of my journal. hehehe Oh well, maybe get it right one day. lol Hugs, Janie

Missie said...

Blogger doesn't know what hit them! LOL

Chrissie said...

Pretty tag I looked at that tube last night. I make my tags 400 or around there. When I upload I pick the large version. Yes, like I said blogger has no idea when these 100 close Jlanders come together it's over. Some have more followers than that. Oh well guess we'll show them how it's really done. Thing is none of us is out for money just friendship. Have a great weekend. Yeah no code thank you. I hated that thing.
Take care, Chrissie

a corgi said...

I think we'll get used to this; I could have sworn I commented on this already; I'm so confused where I've been and not been these past few days; I do like some features of the format over here; I think I'll like more as I get more familiar with them

have a good Sunday!


Hollie said...

Thanks! I'd love for you to add me! I just added your's too!

Julia said...

Well I guess I am not a serious blogger because I love the graphics. Keep them coming. I still have to find everyone but its coming.

Winivere said...

Here I am, Chris! Looks as if everyone is going thru the change. LOL... Yes, that was ME @ Mystery Blogger... How you keep up with all the readers? does that blog list help?
Love ya XXX,
Winivere =.)

Joyce said...

Your blog looks can tell lot's of hard work went into it...hope you are enjoying your weekend...hugs and love,

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((CAB)))))))))))))Wow,I am finally getting used to this.LOL.I think.Knock on wood.I guess there was something before J-land.I sure will miss J-land.But I hope to get used to this.Glad to see you here.Have a nice evening.

Brittany said...

LOL @ your kids observations of AOL J's. If they don't know what a Comment can blogging be fun? Granted i would still write if no one commented at all...but comments do make it a bit more fun. To read others views on your thoughts and life ect and so on.

And Tags...TACKY??? Huh??? Tags ROCK! I used to make tags all the time...when i was a house wife. Now i just don't have the time any longer. But i am VERY visual. If an entry is all text i usually pass it by a lot more than an entry with Photos or graphics or tags. They make it fun too!

Kids these days...geesh! hehehe


Pamela said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for sending me your link. I've got you now...and you can't get away! LOL!
I've been frustrated with this new blog too. I figure I'll have to send email alerts if I want to keep my readers.
Your tags are beautiful, as usual! Tacky?? NEVER!! Keep on making them, ok? I've found that I can only post one at a time, though. Pisses me off!!
Anyway, glad to see you here.
Love ya, Pam xoxox

Joyce said...

I love all the work you do...and yes, this is taking time to adjust to and we will eventually get it.
I love your blog...and hope not to miss anymore entries...hugs and love you...

Barb said...

Love your tags and love your snags. I've read all your entries. I hope I am caught up. Oh and I DO love your hair and the fact that you share how purty you are with us. Your BF is a lucky man.
Yeah, have Joey take your car & put it on the computer. Can't hurt, right? Gkad Becky's getting better every day. God, I wish tom would find someone. Hope your week's going well. I cannot believe it is already thursday morning. The older I get, the faster the hands tick.
Luv N Hugs, Barb