Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remember Me?


Peeping around the corner and wondering just who is still around and just who in the heck gives a hoot about this lost soul. Where have I been and why did I disappear? I really wish I had some concrete answer. I do have some new buddies leaving comments trying to sell me Viagra and all sorts of odd spam. I lost my “mojo” for PSP, don’t have a clue if my long time PSP group is still around, and actually really do care about that. I have no clue if I could make a graphic if I dusted off my Paint Shop and opened it up. But, honestly, I'm quite amazed at the creations I see on here. boo ya...I can't remember how to change the backgrounds here so I guess it's going to be Valentines Day for the time being.

My cacklin e-mail froze my pc for the longest time. I had DSL problems on top of that. ROFL…I now have about 6,000 pieces of e-mail to go through. I’m finding that threatening. I seem to be threatened by so much lately yet I’m not depressed.

My camera has been sitting inside the tv stand for a year. We had no summer this past year in Pittsburgh so I didn’t walk and now am now unhappy about the weight I lost and gained back. I still have my buddy, the cyst, on my ovary being watched. I can’t stand seeing pictures of myself and my round moon face. Guess, I still love to whine, obviously. But what hasn’t changed is my deep longing to reconnect with my journal/blog friends whom I really do love so much. I apologize for my absence and just falling out of existence. I got into FB for a while and then the games on FB which seemed to satisfy a need for a bit. I’m supposing anonymity is easy to maintain on the FB application. Why I felt the need to hide is still a mystery to me. Why a year almost? Again, a mystery because I even began to hide on FB.

I entered a few blogs today and actually read some of my last entries and have to wonder why I left. Tears flowed as I read comments and blogs and saw familiar faces. After all, my original journal was started as a means for me to record my life events, emotional unloading, etc. The rest became icing on the cake as I met some totally awesome people who were always there for me. I’m still of the opinion that blogger has not been the home that AOL was.

So, as we enter the Christmas season and new year, I intend to pull together and rebuild my life here from the shreds that are left. I hope and pray that my dear friends will forgive me and join me once again. Dang, I do miss the world we had at AOL but even more, I’m missing my AOL friends and need to know how everyone is doing.