Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AOL Refugees

Day it easier? Well, some things are; some things aren't. I still can't get my graphics to post as full size. Any tips, D? How to you get your graphics in here full size. I'm taking them from Photobucket but you have to choose the size here. The largest still isn't the correct size. Drives me crazy.

Also having two journals is a killer. I bounce between alerts at AOL and try to hunt down and find people here plus keep up with the new entries. I know it will take time.

I feel a little exposed here; actually a lot. AOL was a small, closed community. I've actually seen articles about AOl today discussing JLand and how unique it was to the blogging world. Right now, I feel exposed; as if I'm sitting in my underwear in the livingroom with the curtains open.

LJ, I made a couple of AOL refugee tags. I cannot get animation to work in here for anything. D, I did what you said but keep getting all the frames from the ani shop (12 for the one tonite...ugh) Sugar has some really lovely AOL remembrance tags. I'm just glad to see so many familiar faces popping up but dang I'm totally whooped trying to figure this all out. (I did manage to get the ani in here but can't get it placed where I want. lordy lordy)

Enough whining tonight. Love n Hugs to all....Chris


ADM DESIGN'S said...

I havent tried puttung animation on here yet, I made the move too,

bookncoffee said...

Hey if you want to post a gif (animated tag) I know you can post it to an offsite host like and then grab the HTML code it gives you. When you post your journal entry, switch to HTML mode (a tab attached to your composing box) and put your gif HTML code in and then switch back to compose. Hopefully this makes sense.
Good luck.

Missie said...

I think it's going better. I'm getting the hang of blogger more and more. I still haven't tried to load any animated tags. I'll do that tomorrow! LOL

Barb said...

You can run but you can't hide. I had a blog on here years ago but quit writing in it because I got so caught up in AOL journaling. So I have you. I'm following you. I'm still at Diary of a mad woman Love n hugs, Barb

There is only 1 Today! said...

I haven't had much time to work with mine. Guess I need a break. lol Hope you get things figured out I sure haven't yet. :( I learned more on AOL and Terry Ann helped me. lol Prayers and Hugs, Janie

Chrissie said...

Love the tags Chris. I think we're still feeling like fish out of water here, but it'll get better.
Take care and Hugs

Miss Slick One said...

I can see the animations in the tags you had in this article. (I didn't check others) It could be that it doesn't show when you as the publisher puts them in, but that others can. Who knows.
Also, as far as full size, I think it's all depending on the layout design. In other words, I can't help, but I can suggest photobucket dot com if needed for html codes, etc.
I am praying that everyone's transition goes much smoother.

Sugar said...

Nice tag!
It'll get easier (i hope), we just have to all hang in there & help one another.

Brittany said...

LOVE the tags...especially the bottom one!

Emmi said...

I use photobucket for animation & it works great! Easy, just like I need it to be. =D

lisa jo said...

will that refugee tag fit on the sidebar? THANK YOU for taking the time. I am trying to be positive but DAMN, i am LOST. I agree with you...blogger is HUGE, not like J land. So, if a person is public they are probably gonna get LOTS of traffic. I am SO grateful you are here! LOVE YOU!

Sandra said...

It`s really difficult isn`t it trying to gather and add everyone`s links, it`s given me a headache! Thanks for adding you link, I`ve put it in my blog. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Barb said...

New here, was with AOL journals for over five years. Huge transition for me, but hoping for the best. All changes are not bad ones. I've a feeling this is a good one, even though right now it isn't feeling fitting very well. Will be back. Have an anwesome day.

D said...

I tried grabbing the graphic in the compose and stretching it but when I published it cut half of it off. LOL I need to hook up with Emmi. As for the animation I found when I upload sometimes it just keeps going and going.. more then the number of frams. Doesn't always do it. I just say done and make it stop then go to entry and remove the multiple images.. the top one that I leave is still animated. Go figure.
PS you do have some animation here :O

Teresa said...

::jumpin' in:: hey Girl :) I made it!! yippeee! now I just have to figure every darned thing out :( LOL. But we will make it :) As I've been telling everyone, it may take me a little bit of time to adjust and get back into the hang of things I will... I'm so glad to see you! Blessings* Teresa

Robyn said...

Your new blog looks awesome so far! Animation is simple believe it or not (It only took me 6 hours to figure out what I was doing wrong!lol). When you post your entry instead of uploading from your computer. Which is super easy and convenient for non animated tags but doesn't work if there is animation. I use an outside source like Photobucket or Fotki and just copy and paste the HTML. You can click in the post box to HTML and paste it there, then after pasted I click it back to rich text and wallah it showed up and worked! Hope this helps ;)
Hugs, Robyn
Have a great weekend!

Jeannette said...

Nice to see you here. Had to laugh at your tag about AOL. They are losing a lot of business, people are leaving them in droves.

Terri said...

Hey girl!
I'm here and following you =)
I plan on moving here, once I get my journal transferred over...

Have a great weekend

a corgi said...

hey the new blog looks great!! I like it!! we'll all muddled our way through this; I haven't had a chance to pretty mine yet (of course when you are wishy-washy like me and make a new one in less than 10 minutes, I'm just glad everyone -- including you --- welcomed me back since I'm so flighty)

keeping everyone in my prayers over in your neck of the woods

have a good weekend!


Donna said...

Good-Mid Morning Chris,

I loved the tags for the AOL refuges-they are so cool looking!

You actually hit the nail on the head-when you said you feel 'exposed" here. It does feel that way dosent it?

But this is just another new adventure, that through all of our friends we will stick together and figure it all out one day at a time -).

Luv & HUGS~Donna

bea said...

Okay, I haven't decided where to go yet. Some are at blogger, some at blogspot. I've edited my favorite journal links as I get them. I just edited yours, so I know where you are ... I'll let you know when I move. Ugh, I hate it... I'm still numb. This was not on my list of things to do this month, and now it is. I'll be looking to see how each person likes their new blog. Your new blog looks great! bea

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

LMAO@ AT THE TAGS. and yes i feel naked as well so exposed. And it just irks me how much we complain about aol and get here only to find something difficult and not as found on.

Julia said...

I would love to use the AOL refuge on my sidebar, is that OK, I think this place shrinks it to fit. I think all of us refuges should stick it on the side.

Sandra said...

It is nice isn`t it to have all our JLand friends around us. It looks as though AOL hasn`t done as much damage as we thought it might. In fact, I`m starting to like Blogspot and hope that I find find it even better that AOL. I have the Monet too and I think I`ll see how many days old I am, that is if I have room for!

Love Sandra xxxx

Anonymous said...



This is what I use to write my blog in when I left AOL a couple months back before all this happened.

Its real easy to set up.. you just give it your blogger URL, your blogger user name and password then it sets your account up and then you just type up your blog entry set your font and color and hit PUBLISH and it sends it to for you and then you can use the left side bar for looking up your past entries if you need to go and edit them

Signed a fellow Jlander,