Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts and SNAGS


I think I missed Thankful Thursday by a long shot. I wanted to do this entry last week but ended up with some sort of bug. I pushed myself through work. It's actually gone away, thank goodness. What am I thankful for right now? A smile on Becky's face :)

Actually last week started off great. Both my girls took me out to lunch on Monday. Becky hopped on the bus and came into the Burgh to meet Megan and me. Just a short 5-10 minute trip for her. What a joy to see a smile on her face again and to see her actually eating. She seems to be doing quite well. Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts, prayers, etc. I did find out she has a new romance budding on the burner. Oy, those rebound romances. Oh well...I also want to thank Sugar, Teri, Joan (dang, can't remember who else) who nominated me for the Marie Antoinette Award. I'm supposed to pass it on to 7 people but I'm so far behind that it appears that most have gotten it already. I love to see a piece of JLand resurging.

I was in a tag/graphic rut. Now, I'm posting a bunch of Thanksgiving tags almost after the fact. Actually, I had them made but didn't like em. Pretty typical for me.


So, anyhoo, I got a phone call from Joey at work on Thurs. He had just gotten home from school and was doubled over in pain. Sort of sounded like appendicitis to me but he has a hernia on that side. Silly me asked if he could wait til I got home from work and then even sillier me asked if he could drive himself to the hospital. I had no way to get home for at least 2 hrs. I called my BF who took my son to the ER. They were still there when I got off the bus so straight to the hospital I went. Turns out the hernia is huge. The doctor can stick his finger through the hole. My son needs surgery. He's scheduled to see the surgeon on Dec. 8th. I'm praying it can be done before the end of the year since I've already met the deductible.

Grizzly's ear is fine. I'm not sure why he was still shaking his head. The vet said he still had some medicine in there. He actually allowed them to totally clean his ears out. But, he should have been whooped by then. He made a total "jackass" out of himself in the waiting room. I mean he acted up soooo bad.

I'm off today because I'm having the pleasure of meeting my new family doctor. What is nice is that he is located at the bottom of my hill. No more hour trips to Pittsburgh if I get strep. Another thankful is that my stress test came back fine; no blockages. No results from the lipid panel yet. Boy, is that lab slow. Ugh, though, I know I have to get on that scale. I haven't been walking because I HATE cold weather....HATE IT! LOL, I'm not kidding. I absolutely do not like cold weather at all. I would love to hibernate. I wish I could retire and be a snowbird. Not gonna happen for a very long time. Megan is out running. Am I gonna walk? Heck no. Because I can't stand being cold, out in the cold, shopping in the cold, etc.

I've rambled on enough. I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings here in the US. I go to my brother's house, nuff said. I make Megan a turkey with gluten free stuffing and her own gravy and take it for her. I won't go into why I don't care for Thanksgiving yet another year. I am thankful my SIL is alive and well and survived her terrible crisis but nothing has changed otherwise. I am very thankful my mom is still here to celebrate another Thanksgiving with us.




Pamela said...

I'm so sorry your son is so sick. I hope he is able to wait that long to see the surgeon.
Your tags are great, Chris. You always make such nice tags! Thank you for sharing them.
Enjoyed reading what you're thankful for. I hope you all have a good Holiday!
Love ya, Pam xoxox

Jan said...

Oh poor Joey ,I am sorry he is in such pain ,I hope they can operate soon ,Maurice is doing fine now after he had his hernia repair op ,I love the tag Chris ,you are clever ,Have a very Happy Thanksgiving get together ..love Jan xx

JCWillow99@gmail.com..( Cassie) said...

Love your tags, glad your daughter is better. I hope your sons surgery comes through ok.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Emmi said...

awesome snags Chris. Happy Thanksgiving

Sugar said...

hope sons surgery goes ok, will say a prayer. {{}}
glad grizzly is doing ok.
awesome tags, as always. :)
have a good week.

Bethe said...

Hernia's ouch! I snagged the Turkey tag : )

Well, I know how it goes with dealing with family on the holiday's. I always have to tell myself "self....it's only one day a year, you can do it"

That woman chasing the trukey on your sidebar is hilarious!

Hugs and love you, too...

Hollie said...

I'm glad that you are back! I'm glad things seems to be going good for your daughter. I'll be praying that you can get the surgery in before the year is over for Joey....also praying that everything goes well with it.... I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving away.... Love the tags...


Jeannette said...

Poor Joey, I hope he can wait that long to have his surgery. I'm glad Becky is doing good now and Grizzly too. I'm with you on the hibernation! Wouldn't it be so good to wake up in springtime, completely missing winter?! I can't stand being cold, it just makes me so miserable. Stay warm! Jeannette xx

casino online games said...

So sad to hear that. Hope everything will turn out fine for your son.

Joyce said...

Keeping Joey in prayers..and hope and pray all goes well. You and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving...many hugs and love,

lisa jo said...

Oh i HATE thinking that Joey is in pain. Is he on pain meds? I know all about chronic tummy pain..it is AWFUL/HELL ON EARTH. I pray he does get surgery soon.
Praise God that sweet Becky is better. I hope this new man puts a smile on her soul. Megan is a trooper..out running? Hell no. I hate cold too. You'd think as fat as i am i would be well insulated. not SOON. Cold as hell all the time. CONGRATS on everything coming out well on your tests!! What a blessing! I hope it goes well on Thanksgiving with the SIL and family. You could always come eat at the buffet with me and the kids and Rick.
I love you SO darn much

Missie said...

Lunch with your girls sounds wonderful!

Hope Joey can have surgery before Christmas. I can't imagine the finger going through the hole thing! GROSS! Poor guy.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

a corgi said...

thanking the Lord Becky is doing better (Thank you Lord); been praying for her! so glad you could have lunch with your girls and so glad your stress test came out good! just "suck it up" and get out there and walk, LOL, (this is coming from someone who lived in Montana for 8 years, was always cold from October through June and always took Koda for a walk unless it was below zero; just bundle up, LOL).

poor Joey and his hernia; I do hope, as you do, that surgery can be done by the end of the year

gotta love those dogs of ours, hoping Grizzly's ear does better

meanwhile, you enjoy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a nice one with your mom and family :)


Terri said...

Congrats and You're welcome! :)

So glad Becky seems to be doing better..and eating.

Sorry your son is feeling so bad, hope the surgery goes well...keeping him in my prayers..

Happy Thanksgiving

Big Hugs!

Terri said...

Thanks so much for the snags too...I LOVE the top one...I love em' all


sheri said...

Hey Chris,I love the snags.
I'm sorry to hear that Joey has to have surgery. As we all know, it's never fun.
Sending good thoughts and prayers,

Nelishia said...

I am still far behind on journals and am playing catch up over here. I am delighted to hear of Becky's emotional healing and to even read of another smile on her face, that's so encouraging. I will now keep your son in prayers too. That sounds absolutely unbearable. I'm glad BF is such a good guy and drove him for you. I know you were just kicking yourself later about the suggestion to drive yourself but don't. That is going to be so convenient about your new Doc being so close. I'm snagging a bunch of tags today. I need to hurry up and do a Thanksgiving entry.

Love to you all and have a great Thanksgiving together. Do a private one later just you guys. Who says it has to be 'on that day'?


Yasmin said...

At least Joe won't have to wait too long for his surgery, and sending good thoughts to him.

Have a great Thanksgiving


D said...

so sorry to hear about Joey... I do hope things work out soon and he can get things taken care of. Glad to hear the girls are doing good and Becky is smiling.
Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving
hugs my friend

Indigo said...

Becky smiling is the biggest news yet. Sorry to hear about Joey, hope they can get it taken care of soon.

Just wanted to let you know, I'm thankful for your friendship dear one, I hope tomorrow brings you love and peace. (Hugs)Indigo

Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Chris! So good to hear your daughter is smiling again. Joey is in my prayers.

Sonya said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your tags are always so special!

How do you make it snow? I need to figure that one out.

Sandra said...

I do hope your son gets his surgery soon, it must be so painful for him.

Love Sandra xxxx

ELLIE said...

I will keep your son in my thoughts and prayers - so glad the furbabie is doing better!!!
I hope your holiday was filled with many blessings and much love!!
take care of you

Lisa said...

Chris,glad you are feeling better, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!, Hugs Lisa

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hoping by now everyone is doing well. Hope your days ahead are filled with the things you dream of most! Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Maria said...

Hoping your son is doing well...I'm glad you are posting more tags...they generate a lot of smiles from me! Take care, Chris...Maria