Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Big 5-5 (Snaggable 1st Tag)


Today is the day, my 55th birthday. LOL, but according to Wini, I'm still one hour younger. Thanks for the tag Winivere! Love it!


On a serious note, I don't take birthdays lightly anymore or fuss about getting older. I've grown into my skin and feel better about myself each year. And, honestly, I thank God for each birthday; thank God that I'm still on the face of this earth and have lived another year.

In light of the latest news about our dear D (Donna), I do believe that each day is a gift; not to be taken lightly. My BF and my SIL had heart attacks and open heart surgery within days of each other and now D. Life is too short. Our time is numbered. We need to embrace each day, each moment because we never know when it will be our time.

I feel very guilty because I e-mailed everybody in the world besides D to see if anybody knew where she was and what was wrong. I'm kicking myself for not e-mailing D, herself. I treasure her friendship and know she will be back with us when she can be and thank the Lord she was taken care of.


I'm posting some tags I got for my birthday. Dannelle made the one above. I really, really like it.

Today is the day. I got some very nice gifts of my I really thought it was a fun thing to do. Ya know, there is still 8 hrs left for my birthday to add more gifts hehehe.

All joking aside, I treasure each and every one of you. I'll be adding more tags that I got as I get them.

What's a birthday without Marilyn? My BF is taking Joey and I out to eat and then we will go out for a while tonight. I took tomorrow off and have Tues off for Veterans Day. I'm not sure about a gift. Actually, I do believe my cell phone was an early birthday present. My gift is having him alive and well and there for me.

Raising my glass to another year of life! Hugs to all....



Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday Chris ,I agree with all you say ,just enjoy the day live it as though its your last, especially as we have just had the stunning news about our dear Donna ,have a brilliant year my dear friend Jan xx

Jeannette said...

Happy birthday Chris! I hope you have a great meal out tonight! Stop kicking yourself over Donna, she wouldn't have replied as she was in hospital till Friday with no computer. She's now at her parents house with access to email. I was lucky when I emailed her yesterday in desperation to find out if she was OK. She was out of hospital and replied straight away, bless her, even apologising for worrying me with her absence! I think all the prayers and good wishes will carry her through this. Enjoy the rest of your day! Jeannette xx

Carolina said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart-wishing you much happiness today and always-hugs and love are coming your way! *May all your dreams come true!

ADB said...

Happy Birthday, Chris and many happy returns of the day.


Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday Chris, glad you liked your presents and the tags are lovely

Take care


Astaryth said...

Happy 55th!! Hope you have a great couple of days off.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I know, I found out about D via an email from Bridgett this morning. So many people knew for awhile but no one told me.
I was like WTH?

I'm just glad that she is alive and i said to Bridgett, It's one thing to have a heart condition like i have but it's a whole nother thing to have a heart attack and Never see it coming.
I can only imagine.

Barbara said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I'm with you kiddo....getting older sure beats the alternative. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! Mine is next Sunday. Hope you enjoy your day. Love you!

Missie said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

Sugar said...

HB dear sweet friend!
You're one of the nicest online buddies I have. I treasure you!
Glad you had a good BD. :)
Sent you an ecard, hope you got it ok.
Have a wonderful week, & a great year!!!
Big huggies...

a corgi said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed all your online gifts! so true to treasure each day and to live each day with no regrets; life is short and life is so very precious

(You share a birthday with my dearest of friend's third son; he turned one today :)

enjoy the rest of your long weekend


a corgi said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed all your online gifts! so true to treasure each day and to live each day with no regrets; life is short and life is so very precious

(You share a birthday with my dearest of friend's third son; he turned one today :)

enjoy the rest of your long weekend


Tina said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you've had a wonderful day. Life is precious and like you I'm thankful for each new day given to me. Enjoy your time off work and celebrate life. Cheers!

Rose~* said...

I'm sixteen minutes late, but I hope you had a terrific day, Chris. (((HUGS))

lisa jo said...

happy happy happy 55th, beautiful lady!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a great time going out and you enjoy your days off too! You have a great attitude about living...i am SO glad D is ok and was stunned, SHOCKED, and so scared to read she had had a heart attack. I don't know what i would do without you or her. I wish i could have seen you on your bday. love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin said...

I cannot believe you are 55! I thought we were the same age (41) Happy belated birthday and here's to MANY more to come!!!

Winivere said...

I love seeing my tags in other people's journals! Makes me happy! Hey, congrats on finally being my age! ha ha ha ha... Big slobber kisses all over your face, GF!!!

Joan said...

I think I wished you happy birthday when I commented on Saturdays post I am always behind with my comments for you as by the time you put an entry I am offline. So just incase I did not I wish you again A Happy Birthday. Loe Joan.

Julie said...

Happy happy birthday Chris and many more.

Indigo said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Wishing you the beauty of the day, love and peace all year through! (Hugs)Indigo

~Ann~ said...

Hi Chris
Happy Birthday. I am a little late getting over here and trying to catch up on journals. I have been so bad this week.

I LOVE birthdays! They are your own personal holiday :)

Joyce said...

Well, finally, here I am...I just love the first snag..gotta use it soon, and will. As I have said in my many emails, LOL Happy Birthday....and so happy you had Tuesday off...and hope you got plenty of rest...hugs and love,

Terri said...

Happy belated Birthday Chris!!!!

I totally agree...we need to embrace each and every day...for tomorrow isn't promised!

I was so worried about Donna...someone was watching over glad she is recovering ..I had thought about emailing her...but i thought maybe she was just taking a little we all do from time to glad she is okay!

Glad you liked my gift =)


Hollie said...

Happy late Birthday!!! I agree everyday is a blessing that we should treasure! I snagged the first tag! Thanks!!

Barb said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Wish I could have been there to take you out for mexican food and a margarita. Every day IS a blessing and I hope you have many, many, many more.
Love ya friend, Barb *queenb

sheri said...

Happy 55th..Hope it was a good one.
We should all embrace our age. We earned

Janie said...

Awww gee! Missed your birthday! Happy Late Birthday! Still not up on blogger. :( Keeping Donna in my prayers. Yes, life is too short and agree with you that we should embrace each day. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Your tags are cute. Hugs, Janie

joydiva said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm following close behind you.
May this year be filled with love joy peace and contentment

cw2smom said...

Happy Birthday! I am a new follower and today is my 55th birthday! Hope you had a great one and wishing you the best in this new year! Blessings! Lisa

Anonymous said...