Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside SNAGS


Baby, it's cold outside for sure. The snow has been falling today. There's about 1/2 inch on the ground. I do believe winter is here. For Pennsylvania standards, it's really not frigid but as I age, I can tolerate the cold less and less.

Boring weekend...uhem. Grocery shopping, bought new jeans which is always a chore. I've been searching for a month. LOL...then I saw this body shaper that Joyce ordered. Lose 15 lbs as soon as you slip into it. I'm in the process of ordering one. Only problem I can see is when I go out and have a few beers. See, you can buy a top and bottom. I'm thinking the bottoms might cause a problem in the ladies room. So, skip the bottoms and just wear the top. Great, lumpy butt and smooth, shapely top. I'm still giving this some thought.

I got a new purse today. OCD sets in. I absolutely hate to change purses. I have to find new pouches to stick all my treasures in, such as my bus pass, cell phone, etc. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking of it top it off, I got a new wallet. Oy, this will be a major milestone for me. Add that to the dilemma of my hair which looks great in the front and frightening in the back...youch.

Megan called and wants to do lunch tomorrow. The job search is very slow and not very promising but she is being prayed for so the right job will present itself. She will graduate in a month. She had one pre-interview and nothing....keeping the faith is so hard.

My BF just dropped some clothes off. My dryer is dying a slow death. It takes 2 hrs to dry just a small amount of things. I need to buy a new one. Problem is no one will deliver a new one beyond my kitchen because of the narrow 100 year old basements steps that twist. I need to wait until he is physically capable of moving one to the basement with Joey. This is getting old really quick.

I added a guestbook to this blog. It's at the very bottom because it was too big for my sidebar. My template I use doesn't have a space at the top for it so if you get a chance, please scroll down and sign it. I got the widget from Sugar. So, ya know I'll be bugging you.

Off to get ready for a week of work. What to wear? Always the procrastinator.

Another snag below. It was from a challenge in my psp group. Emmi won 1st place, Bethe won 2nd. Competition was tough. Have a good week! Stay warm....



Missie said...

Great tags Chris. Thank goodness no snow here in southeastern PA!

Stay warm and have a good week.

a corgi said...

okay, we signed the guestbook but I'm not sure if it shows we are in California or Nebraska; hard to tell on the map, LOL

snow! wow!! sort of miss it, but not really, LOL (I agree with you the older I get, the cold does bother me)

praying for Megan; you know my son met this guy who is helping him with his new venture at a car wash of all places; you just never know how the Lord will work; here's another neat thing about the Lord; he's an 11th hour God; just when you think you are at the end of your rope, that's when he comes in so you absolutely know it is him doing this work in your life and not anything of human hands (giving you ammo for your encouraging talk you'll give to Megan when you have lunch with her :)

oh, I just happened to look at your map widget and saw there is a Pembroke, MA; I want to move there

enjoy your week ahead!


(Cassie) said...

thanks, and I hope you have a good week.

Pamela said...

Hi Chris! I can't believe you are already getting snow! We are so far from winter here. Not a sign of it anywhere.
Tell Megan to hang in there. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right job. Believe me...I KNOW that for a fact!
I know what you mean about changing purses and wallets. I hate it because then I have to THINK about where I put stuff. Hope you have a good week!
Love, Pam

Jeannette said...

Changing purses. ugh! A purse actually becomes an extension of you, haveing a new one always feels so alien to me! I hope Megan will find something soon, not so easy getting a job in these times is it? Your tags are beautiful, I hope we don't get snow this year. I feel the cold so much, I froze when I was younger but now I get so numb and painful in the cold. Let me go back to my paradise! Lol!
Have a great week. Jeannette xx

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice tags. Snow already?! Its way to early for snow for me. Hopefully we dont get much snow here in Maryland this yeaer

lisa jo said...

do you have anywhere, like a backporch, where you could add a dryer? I hate it that your dryer is almost dead and it is winter now. CUTE tags.
I use a shitty old purse of my MIL's. I get OCD over purses too..i hate most of them. I think you are beatiful and will look great in the new jeans and with that shaper thingie. I pray Megan finds something soon that makes her happy. Love U ALWAYS

mrsb said...

How awesome are those?

Yasmin said...

No snow for us yet that usually happens in January, but it's still cold and gloomy, nice tag.

Take care


Brittany said...

Woah....wait wait wait...SNOWING OUTSIDE??? WHAT THE HELL???

It's not even Thanksgiving yet...Winter Even!! Does this mean that it's going to be a brutal Winter?

We didn't get any Snow here in Massachusetts, actually it was 68 on Saturday and rainy...and 55 on Sunday. We are far from PA...but not cross country far...i can't believe it was snowing!


Kath said...

Keep the snow Chris.Hope Megan is lucky in a job.I will pray for her.Drat that knowone will go down those steps with a new drier for you Grr.As for the new slim wear.I always say with things like that.Ever seen FAT trapped Heeeee!!You end up with a slim butt and hips if you wear the bottoms and a great big spare tyre if you don't wear the top heeeeeee.Have agood week anyway LOL!!Hope Grizzly is much better. Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Joan said...

Lovely tags and great entry, we don't have snow here but we usually have one fall before Christmas. I love new handbags(purses) have so many and then usually stick with one or two. Love Joan.

Sugar said...

great tags!
no snow here yet, but have had some cold weather. brrr
i signed your bk. lol i see you chose one like i have. ;)
have a lovely week, stay warm.

Indigo said...

I would have the same problem if I needed to replace my dryer. The snow? was discovered by Pickles and I at 11 last night, while I was in pj's. Didn't stop us from acting like a couple of stupid kids running around the yard and having a blast. Hope Megan is able to find work soon. (Hugs)Indigo

Jan said...

Snow thanks you keep it ,I did laugh about your undies ,my daughter bought some knickers once I called them her Harvest festival knickers 'all is safely gathered in 'Good luck to Megan ,it will happen ,Just off to sign your guest book Jan xx

Miss Slick One said...

Hugs :)

Anonymous said...


Joyce said...

I can't believe I missed this entry of yours...well, here now and saying wow on the snow in your area...they called for flurries here, but I don't we will get any. Oh no on your dryer...hate it that is happening now in the winter...
I am changing purses soon sure is a hassle...
Many hugs and love to you...

Sonya said...

Yeah I read about Joyce's new body shaper. I think we all need one. lol
Love your tags. I've downloaded some scraps but too busy working to play with them. lol
I hope you get your dryer. Just keep mentioning it and maybe you will get help getting it done. lol.
Take care and have a good rest of the week.

Julie said...

I hate changing purses and use my old one until it literally falls to pieces, LOL. Love the tags.

Emmi said...

Sooooo cute!

Sugar said...

did you claim your award when you came by my place?

D said...

tags are cute my friend. No real snow here yet... but it has hit just south really really good. Between us I guess..... love ya

Joyce said...

Great winter tags. I'm sorta glad I missed this I'm trying to get caught up so I can get back into the group this weekend. Between my ex passing away, my back going out and my cat's little spay surgery yesterday I had to keep putting off coming back.
Hugs, Joyce

Amanda said...

((((((((((((CAB)))))))))))))))))We had our first fluries the other day,it was neat.I love snow.I love the wa you did your Blog,,very pretty with all of your graffics.I am praying Megan will find a good job,its very hard theeses days for everyone.Y know how you feel about your dryer,one day ours work and the other it doesnt,but we also have a none working stove.have a nice day.

Chrissie said...

I loved those tubes had the top on out the other night, but I'm not in the creative mood at the moment just liked it cause it was pink and cute and it involved snow.
Congrats on the challenge that is adorable. Boy tough competition with you three. That's always fun and I always loved seeing the results.
Well have to see this body shaper thing when you get it. Sounds like could be some funny moments on trying to go to the bathroom with one on.
We have had some flurries, but nothing on the ground.
Kyan is jinxing us with those darn snow boots that are ready.
Hope your daughter finds a job soon. It's tough right now.
Hugs, Chrissie

Chrissie said...

Dang I forgot to tell you I saw this commercial on tv about a purse that all you do is change the outside skins. I'll think of the name sometime. You can order it on the net. You'd never have to take stuff out of your purse again. Just change the outside colors.
Hugs, Chrissie

Sharon said...

I don't want no stinkin snow! We had flurries. Now, about those negative 15 pants.....gotta tell me who/what/where/and NOW!! ROFL.
Love the tags of course, you're so creative.

sheri said...

Oh gosh you had me laughing about the lumpy butt..
We had freezing rain this week.I am not looking forward to the winter months at all. Give me the sunshine and warm weather..
Good luck to Megan with the job search.
Love your tags. But I stillll haven't figured out how to get tags to photo bucket and then to my blog.
I'll have to keep trying.
Have a peaceful week-end,

Terri said...

How did I miss this entry? hmm

I hope you like your new jeans...and your new purse...don't cha just love buying new things for always makes me feel Retail therapy I call it...haha I am addicted to purses though..and shoes!

Best of luck to Megan, keeping her in my prayers...

Oh no Chris...I hate when things such as your dryer go bad, especially around this time of year..unexpected expenses suck...hopefully you can find a really good deal on one!

Hope your having a good weekend

There is something for you on my journal =)


Hollie said...

Just wondering about haven't posted for awhile. I hope everything is okay!


Carolina said...

Beautiful snags!
Stopping by to wish you and your family and Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

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