Friday, November 14, 2008

Definitely Different SNAGS

Moods are definitely a strange thing. Maybe it's the darkness that descends upon us as winter approaches. It's not that I'm depressed. Just sort of dreading the cold. Today is beautiful. It will definitely feel like winter this weekend. I don't like the barren look of the trees right now. Hillsides appear gray. Luckily, some trees still have a few leaves so the afternoon/evening sun shines a goldish color through them. Sometimes, I think many of us feel insignificant in the scheme of things. I love the phrase on the tag above. Many times, I feel that I am but a tiny little drop in a huge sea; as we all are. But take all those tiny drops away, and what would we have?

I'm also in a PSP rut which does happen quite a bit. I usually see something I like and voila....there's a graphic. Nothing is jumping out at me. LOL..well, the more serious, darkish stuff seems to be.

So, today I went for my stress test. I really did far better on the treadmill than I have in the past. Chalk that up to being almost totally smoke free plus a few months of walking. Still, it makes me nervous.

And I got my haircut last Saturday. Oy, my girl was way too scissor happy in the back. It was fine when she put the gel in herself. Utterly impossible for me to keep my scalp from showing at times. It was probably my fault because it was growing out in less than a month so I asked for shorter; just can't handle it. It best grow fast.

Grizzly goes back to the vet tomorrow. His infection is back. Poor guy is shaking his head again like crazy. I have to laugh when they say I'm going to have to cleanse his ears before the drops. Lots o luck with that one. He has the adrenaline of Superman when you try to mess with him.

Soooooo, anywho, my week in a nutshell. I worked Wed and Thurs this week...whoo hoo. Had the stress test today, my lipid panel was on Tues. I could get used to this plus I got quite a bit of cleaning done. My walking suffered. I need to work out a winter plan here.

TGIF! I'll post some Thanksgiving/fall/winter, etc. tags later on. I need to catch up on my blog reading. Later.....HUGS CHRIS



Jeannette said...

I love the tag Chris. I'm happy you passed the stress test with flying colours! I always dread winter, I can't tolerate cold ~ I just freeze up. All those awful cold grey days ahead would make the happiest person down in the dumps! Roll on summer! Why can't we hibernate till spring?! Jeannette xx

Kath said...

I don't think any of us women like the winter months Chris.The early dark nights seem like months in themselves.My Mother used to say they were long lonely cold nights.She was right too.I hope Grizzly soon gets well and well done to you on your stress test.I don't like the Raven bird or the Crow as I call it Chris I have always thought them bad luck.The rest of the graphic though is beautiful.Have a lovely week/end Hope BF is well and the family too.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Brittany said...

It has been rather gloomy here in MA too. But i feel ya on your Winter Approaching views. The only time Winter is nice, is when there is snowfall on Christmas. Or when there is a snowstorm and all you want to do is have a warm cup of tea or soup or anything warm and cuddle up with a good book or movie. I love those winter days.

Jan said...

Good for you passing the Stress test ,still of the ciggys ?good girl .I dont like the cold and dark days either ,'Give me sunshine' lol Jan xx

Indigo said...

I don't need to tell you I love the top tag for reasons of my own. I've been in a funk lately too. I can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here already. Will someone please get me off this fricking train through my life, so I can enjoy a few days before the enventual end of the trip...

I think I've probably summed it up for both of us in that last sentence *winks* (Hugs)Indigo

Sugar said...

you know i don't like winter!!!!
good 4 u on passing the stress test. :)
i got my hair cut yesterday...a very short pixie cut, like i like to wear. it had grown out too long.
pats to grizzly, angel is the a fright to try & dr her ears. grrr
have a good wkend.

Emmi said...

I love the tag. We all go through spurts where we just can't seem to create anything that we like. Hang in there ... your mojo will be back soon.

Pamela said...

I'm glad your stress test went well. I know what you mean about feeling insignificant. I'm going through that right now. Big time! That ol' winter blues I think, even though it was in the 80's here.
Take care of yourself sweetie.
Love ya, Pam

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Glad to hear your stress test went good. Wonderful tags.

Chrissie said...

Glad your test went well. Love the tag I use to do Lauren's hair that way that was the first thing I noticed on the girl. Chris you always do great tags everyone gets a spell where nothing happens. You got a lot going on.
Hugs, Chrissie

Janie said...

There is a full moon out.. maybe that has something to do with it. lol Bet you will like your hair in a week or two if it grows fast. Got mine shorter so I can almost run my fingers through it and I am not a shock to anyone. lol Hope you have a great week. Turkey on side bar is too cute! Hugs, Janie

Barbara said...

Thrilled your stress test went well!

a corgi said...

isn't it neat that you can see the efforts of your walking and giving up smoking by the stress test going so good? keep up the good work with it!

I think it is hard this time of year; cooler weather and earlier dark nights; we tend to be hermits and can't do as much and then with all the stress of the economy, no wonder why we feel a bit down; hugs to you!!


sheri said...

Glad to hear your stress test went well.
Poor Grizzly..hope he feels better soon.
Love your tags...

~Ann~ said...

Its cold here too. I have had on my velour sweat jogging outfit. Hey at least I am comfie! hehe. I usually get all sad and gloomy around the holidays. Not sure why. Maybe this year that will change. Heres a hoping!

Hope Grizzly feels better soon!


Joan said...

That is great news you did well on the treadmill my hubby absolutely hates it. We are fortunate about here we have a great many Larch trees in the countryside around where I stay and they are the most glorious colour at the moment. Have a lovely weekend. Love Joan

ELLIE said...

winter seems to make moods of peeps so much more bleak - - but I must say you crack me - the hair cut story had me laughing - and I do not know why--lol
hope you have a great weekend and I am glad your tests went well - you go girl!!!

lisa jo said...

I love dark tags because that is where i am living in my mind anyway. Your tags are always priceless. CONGRATS on doing better on the stress test and being almost smoke free plus walking. I hate winter and cold.
I pray Grizzly feels 100% better soon. Hate it when a dog is sick.

Joyce said...

Your tags are always lovely. Great news on the passing of the stress test...and hoping Grizzly feels better soon...poor guy. Hope you all have a nice AND PEACEFUL WEEKEND...HUGS AND LOVE,

Robin said...

I kinda like those grey, gloomy days but then again they are few and far between here in Florida. Come on over for some sunshine any time!

Debbie said...

Way to go on the stress test! I know what ya mean I seem to have alot of blah days. Cold dreary weather plus the holidays coming up. Not looking forward to any of it.

D said...

glad the stress test went well. I can't even imagine at this point. Taking a shower exhausts me. I am itching to get back into PSP.. probably a good thing all my things are on my home computer and not Dads :)
love ya

DB said...

I worked with a radio announcer who used to remind people,come the end of December, that the days were getting longer. It didn't chase away the cold but it did fling a bit of cheer out to the listeners.

DB - Vagabnd Journeys

Yasmin said...

I like both graphic, i don't know how you guys come with such imaginative graphics, Winter is upon us it's a bit depressing and I really don't like the cold.

Take care


Winivere said...

Stress? What's that? LOL... You must have cheated if you passed it. Were you looking at my paper? LOL

Winivere said...

PS... Love the Goth girl. May I have the tube, please?

Winivere said...

La LA LA LA... Just making it look like you have a lot of comments. LOL

Winivere said...

PSSSSSSSSSSSS... did I tell you today that I love you?! I do!!!!!

Barb said...

Hiya kiddo. Love the snags. And I snagged them. Thanks for sharing. Poor Grizz. Sorry about his ears. Sumthin is goin on with me. I took my antibiotics,it got rid of theh URI and kidney infection I suppose I had. LOL I've been on the verge of an anxiety attack all evening. Called Rich (he's on the other end of the line)woke him up in a pissy mood. No help. I don't know WHAT is wrong with me. He seems to think the hormones are working, me, I don't know. I do notice I'm not have the dramatic temp. changes.Blood sugar is OK. Could be stuff going on with putting his Mom in the nursing home while she recuperates from her fall. Could be the impending Holidays, which R hates. Anyway I have a DR appt on Tues. I'll tell him what's going on. A padded cell for 30 days or a vacation to Hawaii either on is probably what I need. More likely the former rather than the latter LOL.I bet your hair looks cute. I wish I could get my hair girl to cut a little MORE. She's so afraid she's going to cut too much. LOL
I love how you guys get all those gadgets on your blog. I got those butterflies on on don't know how to get them off.LOL I'll figure it out. Other things I haven't had much success at.
You all stay safe & warm.
Luv ya bunches, Barb

Sandra said...

Hi Chris,

I looked for your guestbook but couldn`t find it! I clicked on the link but it just showed HTML. :o( LOL at your description of the body shaper. I hope you decide which one to buy. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Terri said...

Beautiful tag!

Glad your stress test went well.
Keeping Grizzly in my thoughts...poor fella!
I kinda get the winter blues sometimes's just so gloomy!

Hope you have a good week!