Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Ready for a New Year/SNAGS


As always, I'm a day late; a dollar short. I've had a mind block with PSP. I've had a mind block with many things lately. The winter season is not my best emotionally. This year, for no apparent reason, has been harder on me mentally than most.

I'm still processing Christmas in my mind trying to figure out where the glow went. Christmas Eve I spent at home alone. I super cleaned the family room which felt good and productive. Christmas Day was at my mom's with my brother and SIL and children. I do have a photoshow but haven't felt like putting it up. My children, bless them, bought me some neat gifts. My favorite, believe it or not, is a stainless steel dish strainer thingie. They were going to get a wooden one but I love the stainless. I got my mom a digital photo frame at Radio Shack. Waiting until Christmas Eve; not a good idea. But the frame is a really nice wood frame and 7 inches, I believe. She's not fond of huge frames. The pictures look awesome in it. I think I would love one also.

My son has bronchitis, at least. He has a doctor's appt. anyway on Friday. I called today. They are closed but offered some medication to hold him until Friday.

I'm days behind on my dashboard. Wow, I avoided my computer which is rare for me. I took the day off today but have to work Friday so I'm planning on playing catch up with everybody. Wow, I'm missing AOL journals for some reason today.

Anyway, I got a Christmas card from Jan and Maurice and Barb in Texas. Bless you, both. I bought a bunch of cards. Next year I'm going to get involved in the card exchange.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Be safe; don't drink and drive. I'm hoping to spend it with my BF. Love you all....the rest of my NY's snags are below. LOL...see ya next year! *Yikes...15 hrs and counting here in the eastern USA.







Pamela said...

Hi Chris. Love the new tags! Thanks for sharing them. I really hope you have a good New Year's Eve and that this year brings you much love and happiness. Let's make it a good one!
Love ya MUCH!!

Brittany said...

It has all gone by really fast! This entire year actually!!!

I can't believe that it's already New Years!

I'm glad that you had a good holiday season...and i look forward to your blog in 2009! :)


Sharon said...

It IS very hard to believe NYEve is upon us. Whatta weird year we've had. I didn't have much of a Christmas spirit myself this year.....hopefully that will change for '09. I love you tags, each and every one!

Joyce said...

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Hope you and your family have a beautiful welcoming to 2009. So good you know what is wrong with your son...and it is treatable. Beautiful tags as usual....hugs and love,

Julie said...

The holidays come and go so fast, just a blur and I am ready to just have some regular days. Love your snags.

Missie said...

Happy New Year!

a corgi said...

those tags are cute, Chris; I know, where did this year go?? I'm glad you'll be spending the evening with your BF; I hope you guys have some fun things planned.

I know what you mean about missing AOL journals; it was easier to follow journals there with getting alerts; I use Dashboard but then it doesn't give notices for private journals, but I have to say being over at Blogger has opened up a lot of new and different journals to follow (like I need to follow any more LOL) so that's been neat; I've picked up some fellow corgi journals and that's been neat to read about other corgis

I hope 2009 will be a good year for you and your family, Chris. But more importantly, I hope 2009 draws you into a deeper relationship with the Lord and learning to trust him completely; something I'll be working on this year for sure; just remember who you are in his eyes! a dearly beloved daughter :)


Joyce said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New Year Girlfriend. I hope you have a fun time with BF. Be safe. Me and Gizmo are going to try to stay awake for the ball to drop. No promises
Hugs, Joyce

Yasmin said...

Happy New Year to yyou and your family Chris



Hollie said...

I hope you have a safe & Happy New Year. Hugs:)

Jeannette said...

Happy new year Chris! I miss the alerts that AOL gave out too, I hardly go to my dashboard so don't see many updates. All the fun has gone out of it. I subscribed to some journals but not all of them have that facility. I laughed about your favourite gift, mine was a dustpan and brush ~ a jewel encrusted one no less! Lol! I'm like you, I* can't stand this cold weather and it seems to gety worse each year! I hope next year will be a good one for you. Jeannette xx

sheri said...

I had the after Christmas funk this year also...But I'm looking forward to the new year. And less
Have a very Happy New Year!

Joan said...

Happy New Year it is hard to keep up some times with your dashboard having the same problem tonight. Our Christmas Lunc was cancelled due to the family haviflu. All better now Love Joan

lisa jo said...

I pray that your 2009 is a happy one every day. I have a sore throat and various other problems right now and i am in so much pain and feel so sick and i have to work ALL week. Miserable, my friend.
I pray Joey feels better....i feel for the guy.
Thank God the holidays are long gone....lets hope next year is a better one. I LOVE YOU so much

Tina said...

Happy New Year!!!!

D said...

wanted to make sure I got by to wish you a happy new year. Let's hope it is full of good things.
Love ya my friend

Janie said...

Hi Chris, I thought only I was a day late and a dollar short!! lol Tags are too cute. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! I have been in a mood of not wanting on the computer recently. All are in my prayers. Hugs, Janie

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Happy New Year!!!! Hope 2009 is a great year for you and your family

Emmi said...

happy new year honey. may you be blessed greatly this year.

Maria-K. said...

Have a happy New Year!
Hugs, Maria

Debbie said...

Happy New Years to you and your family Chris! I think this time of year is just kinda blah and I'm more than a day late a lots of dollars short, lol. Oh well could be worse. I'm running way behind on reading journals and blogger isn't my best friend cause it won't let some journals open so I can read them. It could be because my computer is so old but I sure as heck can't afford another one. Hope you and your boyfriend enjoyed a wonderful night out.
Love ya

Robyn said...

Happy New Year's to you also! I hear you about not being on the PC much and being behind on the dashboard! My creative mind is in slow motion and even making tags is few and far in between anymore. Real life has taken the wind out of me I guess! I am hoping you have a wonderful and happy 2009!!!

Kath said...

Popping round again playing catch up Chris.May I wish you and yours "A Very Happy New year 2009" Thankyou for your kind words and comments throughout 2008 to me they are much appreciated.Lets hope 2009 proves a good one for all of us.Missed your posts but will try and pop in as often as I can through 2009.Take Care God Bless Kath x

ADB said...

Happy New Year, Chris

Anonymous said...

Many people have mentioned it all went by in a blur. It didn't for me, but I also did NOTHING I didn't want to this year. I wasn't feeling "festive" and I gave into what I wanted, not what others wanted for me. Now, with a family, as you have, that is a little difficult. I am glad you got some alone time though. That can be good also. I think about a lot of things, and sort things in my head while cleaning. ~Mary

Terri said...

Hey Chris!

Well lookie here...I am late too..LMAO As always...I never can keep up well on Blogger...I miss AOL alerts..but I do love our blog options here...

Glad you had a nice Christmas...I got a digital photo frame..can't wait to try it out..can't believe it's still in the box..I just haven't had much time to even think it seems...I need a

Wishing you all the best in 2009!


DB said...

I think a lot of folks are missing the AOL journals. DB

Bea said...

Hi Chris! I understand about avoiding the computer as I've been away myself for the past few weeks. Not away from home, but just catching up on things that I've neglected around the house. For instance, my basement area needed a major cleaning. So, once I dove into that (the day after Christmas), no one saw me for six days. It was like I had disappeared while spelunking... it felt like that too. Actually, now I have a very nice room downstairs comfortable, clean, and suitable for solitude or friends to sit for a cup of tea (or hot chocolate!). It's like my own 'cave'... or perhaps, a 'Red Tent'. My son gave me a digital frame for Christmas as well... I haven't loaded many photos yet, though. I hope your son is well by now. Happy New Year, Chris! bea

Joyce said...

Never want to miss an entry by you...came by to make sure I didn't...hope you and your lovely family are well, hugs and love,

sheri said...

Hi Chris,
Hope you're having a nice week-end.
Hugs, Sheri

krissy knox said...

Hey girlie, happy new year! Are all the templates different when it comes to installing headers? I didn't know that. But I did play around with html some, and that works too. Of course, as you know, installing a header on a template is merely adding html code behind the template, the code that makes the blog look the way it does. So when I couldn't figure out how to "play the Blogger game," LOL, I merely went to the html and changed it a little that way to get what I wanted. Let's pretend like we can write html code now, okay? Why not, LOL? It's better to learn some html code than play with such nonsense as moving "gadgets" around a "template" with your cursor, LOLOLOLOL. I am just frustrated because my blog never comes out the way I want. I want it to look more professional. Yours sure looks professional! Do you ever have any trouble with Blogger, LOL. Yours looks gorgeous!

Okay, back to work.

krissy knox :)
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Nelishia said...

I am so sorry that Joey is that sick and as I am very late, I hope by now he's been taken care of and it's under control. There is a strain of flu that I heard about on the news that is resistent to the TAMIFLU shot everyone gets every year except for me. Technically I am supposed to but don't as it makes me sick every time. Except this year I didn't and I've been sick FOUR TIMES. I bought my Mom a digital camera and cannot get the pictures loaded from hubbies work laptop because it has an administrative block on it that even he is not allowed to pass so until my laptop is fixed... I had to run out and buy her something else. I hope you were given some nice things at Christmas and just know please, that I've been thinking about you, especially this weekend and I don't know what is going on, but you can always shoot me an email as I care. You know I'll pray and agree with you in faith if nothing else.

Love you, Nelishia

Heather said...

Thanks for the prayers about my mom and stepdad. I'm sure you are right and once it sinks in my mom will do what needs to be done. I just worry so much and like you said it is very hard for me to be so far away from her at a time like this when all I want to do is help to make hers and my stepdads day easier. Hope you had a great weekend.
xoxo, Heather

Rose said...

Happy New Year to you, Chris! Loved your latest tags. May the new year bring you lots of wonderful things to share with us. (((HUGS)))

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