Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovin the Black & Gold

SUGAR SHACK thanks, Sug!

LOL, what can I say? Pittsburgh born and bred. Gotta love the "Stillers." Try getting into Walmart today. I tried yesterday. There were absolutely no parking places. You had to wait for someone to pull out. I've never seen it that bad since it first opened. Ugh, everything black and gold is flying off the shelves. Parties galore. Terrible towels waving.

Mocha is wearing my jester hat in the pic below. This pic was from the previous SuperBowl when I was skinnier. I'm going to wear the same hoodie and get a pic of us this year. Just haven't done it yet. I'm trying to remember where our Terrible Towel is. The game will be interesting, for sure. Stevie Breaston on the Cardinals graduated from Woody High, our favorite high school in Pittsburgh. Becky graduated from Woody High. I was still a Woody High maniac when Breaston was quarterback in the Pa. State finals.

Anyway, onto my ultrasound. A cyst was found. I was terrified for a couple of days. It's definitely a cyst. I need a follow-up ultrasound in two months. If it's still there, everything is coming out which won't bother me one bit.

ROFL, I'm on Facebook now. Becky and her sweetie are officially engaged. He is also a friend of mine on FB. I sort of got addicted for this past week. It kept my mind busy and off of whatever was worrying me. You guys are all the best. I can't thank ya'll enough for your support.

I got my hair done yesterday. It's black now and not as short. Actually, I love it but hate my fat face. Can you believe I gained 5 lbs since I had my gyne appt. on January 22nd? I was in shock when I weighed myself at my BF's. 5 lbs in 9 days...ugh. I don't really know how. I haven't changed my eating habits. Yikes, I can't even begin to walk around here. There's 2 ft of snow. The roads are still terrible.
I'm still working on blog reading. If I missed you, I will get to you some time today. I hate being behind.
One more time: GO STEELERS!!!!!



Travis Erwin said...

I ready to get off work and begin chowing down in front of the TV.

Jeannette said...

I hope the Steelers win for you! I've never been a sports fan and know nothing about sport at all. I'm sorry to hear you've got a cyst but hopefully it'll be removed and you'll be as good as new! I'd love to see a pic of your new hair colour! Weight seems to go on overnight doesn't it?! I'm on a diet right now and have lost 8lbs in two weeks. I can only lose it by dieting and walking, I walked two and a half miles home from Andy's today through a blizzard! Stay warm! Jeannette xx

Sugar said...

when i made that tag, i thought of you!!!! LOL
enjoy the day my friend,& eat lots of goodies.
i'm not a sports fan, but one time for you..."go steelers"!!!

Jeannette said...

PS Congratulations to Becky and her fiance too! I've never tried Facebook. Jeannette xx

Joyce said...

I would say your there number 1 FAN!!! Congrats to nice. I know nothing about facebook...oh well...I am lucky to do this...LOL
Hugs and love,

Jan said...

So pleased it was a cyst and not something more sinister ,Congratulations to Becky and her fiance,I go to face book some times but only if someone on there leaves me a message otherwise I forget ,good luck to your team today ,and love the picture of you and Jan xx

Kath said...

"Congratulations to Becky Cris Whoo-Hoo thats great news.Looking forward to seeing a pic of your new haircolouring.I hope all goes well at the next appointment you attend..I know lots of people who are on facebook most of my family are but not me LOL!!The snow sounds deep at your place Chris.Apparently we are in for quite a fall tomorrow and Tuesday Brrrrrr I'll be playing all fall down again Heeeeeeee."Go Steelers Go" !!! Love your pic it's beautiful.In my prayers for better health.Forget about the weight gain, theres worse things Chris.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

I hope the Steelers win for you though I know nothing about the sport. I do know however that they are showing it live on British TV tonight. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

a corgi said...

congrats to Becky! thanking the Lord too because I know how hard it was for her just a few short months ago after she had that traumatic breakup! wishing her/her fiancee so much happiness and joy!

a cyst is somewhat okay, right? at least they are following it and keeping an eye on it

Go Steelers!! (in case I forget to say that)

hoping the weather gets better soon for you to walk!! you'll get that weight off!! got to be skinny for that wedding (whenever it is)

I'm on Facebook too; haven't quite got all the hang of it but look me up some time (

enjoy the game!!

cute picture of you and the cat with Steeler gear!


Yasmin said...

Good news on the cyst that it just that! no wonder you lost weight worrying. Congrats to your daughter Becky. hope your team wins tonight.

Take care


Missie said...

Did you just see that 100 int by James Harrison? OMG! Unbelievable!!!!!

Hollie said...

Keep us posted about your cyst. Congarats to Becky!

sheri said...

What is five pounds? Women gain and lose that at any given
Glad to hear it was just a cyst. Good idea to keep an eye on it.
This one is for YOU..GO STEELERS!
Hugs, Sheri

sheri said...

Yahooooo....your Steelers Won..

Pamela said...

OH yeah the game was GREAT! Glad you had a good time. You look so cute in that picture, Chris!

Pamela said...

Forgot to say that I'm so glad it's a cyst. Keeping you in my prayers sweetie.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Congratulations to Becky and her fiance.

lisa jo said...

you look beautiful in that photo....don't sweat those lbs...they'll come off....if there is anything you need, let me know. I am glad you wrote....i am always thinking of you. HUGE congrats to Becky.
Love you so

Shelly said...

Becky, I didn't know about the cyst. Praying for you. And congrats about Becky!! Love ya!

Janie said...

Your face don't look fat! I think that is a good picture and you look more slim that the other photos of you. lol Not just saying that. lol Hope all things go well for you and keep you in my prayers. Hugs, Janie

Joyce said...

Congratulations to Becky. And, oh yeah, Go Steeler!!!!!

Barb said...

Glad the Steelers won! We've been Steelers fans for years. When Tom was in JR High I bought him a Steelers coat. He took a lot of crap for it since we live in "Cowboy country". Who says you have to root for only one team? LOL He got it out yesterday & could still get it on. Granted it was a little short and tight across the shoulders. LOL Love to see your new hair color. And SO glad it turned out to be just a cyst.
Congrats to Becky & her guy. Wow.Do they know yet when they are getting married?
Well hope you get a break from the weather yet but heard the groundhog saw his shadow. "Prairie Dog Pete" saw HIS shadow here. LOL!! Take care my friend. Love N Hugs, Barb

Nelishia said...

I am so hoping that Becky has found a man as sweet and as good to her as Dirk is to me. After the heartache she went through, I hope and pray that this is it and not on the rebound. As far as the cyst is concerned they are usually painful but I don't think they turn cancerous really often. BUT if you are tired of dealing with the time of the month, I'd let them go ahead and take it all out. I'm so free now that I have had mine done.
I am not a sports fan at all but I was for the Steelers again. Dirk was rooting for the underdog. I think the picture of your cat in the hat is so darling.
You think you've gained weight and I don't see it. I think the picture of you is so becoming and just darn pretty. I don't like my looks at all right now. Your weight gain will probably go away as fast as it came because it's probably water weight.

I love that you're over on FB too. I've gotten more addicted and used to using it just to have the people I like there to talk to when I need to. Sometimes what is written on the walls can be so darned funny. Holler at me anytime you see me over there. I have over a 100 alert thingies that I haven't weeded through yet so if you sent me stuff and I haven't gotten 'em yet, don't be mad.

Love you and please be ok,

Hollie said...

I have an award for you over at my blog. Come by & pick it up.


Heather said...

Aww, that sucks it is a cyst for sure...I hope you don't have to have my fingers crossed (still). Love the pic of you and cute. I just got on facebook too...addicting isn't it? Hope you have a great weekend!

ADB said...

Sorry to hear you're facing surgery, Chris. Nothing wrong with your face.

Maria said...

Hi, Chris! Well the Steelers did it! that song needs to say 6 times champs! I love the music on this entry and I had so much fun watching the game...mostly because you got me pumped with your blog! Growing up in Pittsburgh helped too even though I'm not there anymore. Keep an eye on that's probably nothing but better safe than sorry! Love your valentine's entries too. Talk to you later! Maria